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Richiesta foto cosplay e foto Richard

Richiesta foto cosplay e foto Richard

Postby erika » 10/04/2010, 21:20

Elleth wrote:Hey guys, it's Becky talking, the Richard-fanatic irl, that dressed up as the Trickster's version of Dr. Sexy aka Gabriel for the Cosplay contest! ;)

I have a request for all the guys that have been there at the con.

There were a lot of pictures taken while we were wearing our cosplays.
Is it possible to get at least some of these photos?
I was really fun and I enjoyed it, so I'd love to get these pics in a good quality!
Please, whoever took some (or maybe even a video???), would you send them to me?

I am also desperately loking for pitures of Richard (who else?), so maybe if you've taken any, no matter ow many or how less and no matter what quality, could you please send them to me as well?

My email-adress is:

It would be really really great if you guys could help me!

(and if anyone could please copy and translate this into the italian part of the board ... *does the Sammy-like puppy dog eyes*)

vi giro il post di questa ragazza ( users del forum) che molti di voi ricorderanno , interpretava il trickster in versione medico sexy con la sua amica .... sta cercando qualcuno che gli possa passare delle foto della gara di cosplay di buona qualità o anche dei video , se qualcuno ne ha girato uno :evil: :lol: .... e delle foto di Richard ......

se potete aiutarla madategli le foto al suo indirizzo mail ;)
thanks for this sign , made by Jenks
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