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Seems like yesterday that everything started instead it's been two weeks already and once more we are here to say a huge thank you to all JIBCON7 and JIBLAND participants.


This year more than ever we want to make sure you understand how important you are to us and how proud and honored we are in calling you our JIB Family. You have shared so much love, joy and care with everyone there that you have rekindled our passion in doing all this.
To most of you, it probably comes as no surprise that we intended for JIBCON7 and JIBLAND to be our last conventions, at least for a good while. jib7 momentsPutting everything together it's a huge work, a strenuous one most of the time, and this past year lot of things happened to made us wonder if it was worth doing it.
To create a good convention you need resources, knowledge, dedication, a great deal of patience and most of all the desire to connect with the people you are doing the job for. It's like falling in love, again and again,with those that stand beside you during a year long journey. If this last part is missing, there's no sense in going on because the result would be just another soulless event, and that's not something we will ever do.
Seven years ago we would have never imagined that 'those actors', as we thought of them, could be so gentle, loyal, friendly and funny. But they are, and having them with us these past weeks has proven again how lucky we are.
So we came to Roma kind of disheartened, very tired and ready to say goodbye, but in a handful of days you've changed our perspective completely. Feeling how much the JIB Family means to you has reminded us that it does not matter how difficult things can be, or how boorish and petty some people are.

You are the important ones.
JIB is for you, and for all our wonderful guests that always exceed expectations and care for everyone there way beyond the boundaries of any professionalism required from them. Sam Heughan at JIBLAND Familiar ones and new guys we can only say the most heartfelt thank you to all of them for their encouragement, their support and for simply being the best.
JIB is and will always be your home as much as it's ours!

The biggest thank you ever goes to our friends that keep joining us, year after year, in this merry circus helping us keep things in check and creating the best staff we could hope for. We cannot say enough how grateful we are. Thanks for the laughs, the jokes, the lost sleep, the stolen food and the smoking break with or without cigarettes. Thanks for everything!
Thank you to everyone who has made JIBCON7 and JIBLAND smoother with their flawless work, you know who you are and you know we appreciate working with you!

Finally after all these thank you let us say:


Bookings will open June 25th and we will provide all details in short. In the meanwhile, please be patient with us because we did not expect to do all this again so soon and we are working quickly and relentlessly to catch up with everything that needs to be done.

Thank you
JIB Staff

the jibland boys!






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June 23rd
#JIBBookingApocalypse: Opening of PASS BOOKINGS for people who have priority right.
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#JIBBookingApocalypse: Opening of PASS BOOKINGS for priority and ALL WHO WISH TO ATTEND JIBWEEK 2018. READ the instructions CAREFULLY.


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