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#JIB8 About photo ops & autographs & various info

Hello guys!
Here we are with information on how to request photo ops and autographs for Jensen, Jared and Misha.
You will be able to send your requests on SATURDAY JULY 30th 2016 from 2.00pm (Roma time zone).

full contribution: 100€ sent within 3 days
installments: 35€ sent within 3 days and 70€ sent within Wednesday September 14th.
60€ sent within 3 days (no installment sorry)

full contribution: 100€ sent within 3 days
installments: 35€ sent within 3 days and 70€ sent within Wednesday September 14th.
60€ sent within 3 days (no installment sorry)

full contribution: 80€ sent within 3 days
installments: 35€ sent within 3 days and 50€ sent within Wednesday September 14th.
55€ sent within 3 days (no installment sorry)

SATURDAY JULY 30th you can request photo ops and autographs by email only. From Monday August 1st 2016 you will be able to send your request through the website for the extras still available.

Please remember that we are not going to accept requests sent before the booking opening hour (2.00pm) so pay attention to the time. (Usual clock we be available on the website at booking day)
Please remember that you can send your request only once and you cannot send multiple emails for the same booking, or you will be assigned all extras you've requested and you will have to complete the booking for them all.
Please remember to specify all requested data and to check that you've written everything we need or that you want to say before sending your request. Please do not send us emails to add things or change your requests and especially don't do that sending messages to casual various email addresses, please use This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it only!

You can book as many photo ops and autographs with each guest as you like without limit, but please keep in mind that you will have to complete correctly all the requests you send or all of them will be deleted.


HOW TO BOOK PHOTO OPS AND AUTOGRAPHS (from SATURDAY JULY 30th at 2.00pm rome time zone):

You can send your request by email: to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it specifying:
- Surname and Name
- Email
- Complete address (street, postal code, city, country)
- Type of pass you have for JIB8 (WE NEED ONLY PASS TYPE NOT THE NUMBER)
- Chosen photo ops and/or autographs and how many of them (i.e. 2 photo op with Jensen, 1 photo op with Jared, autograph with Jared etc...)
- Specify preferred method to send your contribution (wire transfer, and with LIMITED availability moneybookers, if you would like other methods please ask about them before booking but we cannot promise we will be able to accept them)
- Specify if you want the installment option (otherwise we will mark your request for full contribution)

Within 24 hours we will contact you to let you know we have received your request (this is not a booking confirmation). Then within 7 days we will send you another email to confirm you have been assigned the photo ops and/or autographs you have requested and all necessary details to send your contributions.
From the moment we send you the second email to confirm everything you will have 3 working days to send your contribution (the 3 days don't start the moment you send the request but the moment we confirm it).



If you send a request you have to complete it regularly in accordance to the rules you find on this website and you cannot change your mind during the process cancelling it. So please be sure before sending your email.
If you want to book with other people you can do that up to 5 people (you included) in 1 email.
You have to specify all data for all people that you are booking things for, and you have to specify if you will be sending the contribution all together or separately and if some of you want to use installments or not.
Sending requests for other people makes you responsible for their bookings as well, and you will have to make sure they will complete them regularly.
Double photo op are going to be available from SEPTEMBER 3rd. So do not request 2 single photo ops with 2 different guests thinking that you will be able to use or switch them to do 1 double photo op. So please for double photo ops wait!
Those of you having autographs included in their invitation pass (Angel pass, Demon pass and Hunter pass) need to ask for other autographs only if they want more than 1 (i.e. if you want 2-3 or more autographs with one guest instead of having only the 1 which is included in your pass)
Those of you with a Sinner pass invitation need to request autographs if they want them because Sinner pass does not include any autograph.
We wish to remind to everyone that:
- photo ops are not included in any pass
- it's not possible to share 1 photo op, meaning 2 people cannot use 1 photo op to do a photo together with the guest. If you want to do 1 photo op with 1 friend you both need to have your own photo op.
- only people who have an invitation pass on their name can attend the convention so they're the only one who can take advantage of photo op and autograph opportunities.

As for digital files of your JIBCON7 anda JIBLAND photo ops, they will be available FROM SEPTEMBER 19TH 2016 TO MARCH 8TH 2017 You will find all necessary details to request them on the website in the next few weeks. Exceptionally and to help those of you who asked, you will be able to request JIBCON6 photo files too. They will be available from September 19th to December 7th 2016.

As for the booking of rooms with discounted rates for JIB8 and JIBLAND2 participants at the HILTON HOTELS (Hilton Rome Airport and Hilton Garden Inn), we will provide you all necessary details soon. Please stop calling and emailing the hotel to ask about special rates or to book, it's not possible to do that yet!

Thanks for your attention
JIB Staff







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