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Message from the Hilton Hotel staff

To our participants who will stay at the Hilton Rome Airport - Hilton Garden Inn Rome Airport, a message from the Hotel staff.


Dear Guest,
Please note that as from March the 1st, 2012 the Municipality of Fiumicino will introduce a city tax, applicable to all guests staying overnight in the hotels within the area. The tax will be EUR 2.00 per person per night, up to a maximum of 10 nights even if not consecutive.

Detailed information can be found using the following link:
and, in case of any specific query, please contact by email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Best regards.



Japanese Red Cross Charity Donation

Hello everyone,
We're here to let you know that thanks to your generosity at JIBCON2 we could donate 285,000¥ to the Japanese Red Cross.
Most of the money came from the auctioning of Jensen's, Jared's and Misha's cups, Misha's scripts, Richard's script, and Bart the Zebra.
But we also raised 300€ (minus a few euros we added to reach that goal) in coins divided like this:
It's a DUE! 1867 coins of 0,01€ (18,67€)
1440 coins of 0,02€ (28,80€)
950 coins of 0,05€ (47,50€)
488 coins of 0,10€ (48,80€)
275 coins of 0,20€ (55€)
70 coins of 0,50€ (35€)
30 coins of 1€ (30€)
15 coins of 2€ (30€)

Bank office took a bit of time to re-count them all and check to see that everything was in order so final amount of coins is 5135 (plus various foreign coins they could not change and gave back to us) for an exact value of 293,77€.
Not a bad result for a something that started out as a joke with our lovely guys!

Here below you can find the receipt of the donation we’ve made for everyone who was at JIB CON 2.

Hugs guys and have a happy Easter time!

Japan Red cross charity Japan Red cross charity



Ok finally a bit of time to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for having shared such a special weekend with all of us. You've been the most amazing crowd we could hope to get, friendly respectful and polite with all our guests. Patient and supportive with us and our staff, so really thank you!

It's been a true pleasure hosting you and we are glad so many have taken the time to send us a note to explain what it felt like to be part of JIB CON 2. You guys managed to move us and to make our work worthwhile! Knowing that you appreciate what we do means the world to us because throwing a party if participants don’t enjoy themselves would be pointless.

And of course for all those lovely bouquet of flowers you've sent us, we're girls and they've been very much appreciated!

And we are sure you want to join us in the acknowledgment of HOW WONDERFUL ALL THE GUYS ARE!


There's a reason why we love them so much they are great!
They've been extra nice and gone beyond whatever we could possibly require to make all of us have a terrific time, spreading the fun at any moment.

A special thank you to GENEVIEVE for joining us and being one of the nicest person ever!

Let Chiara, Francesca and me spend some words to say an heartfelt thank you to all the staff who worked with us at the convention as well.jibcon staff

Those people are some of the best friends we could have ever asked for. They all have very busy lives and they take time off to join us working for JIB CON to make it happen, without them giving up their spare time for nothing more than a thank you the convention could never take place. So my dears once more I repeat this: WE LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR NEVER FAILING US!



And of course a GRAZIE to Andrea Casta for being our front man on stage for the whole time because you’ve been awesome!
A big hug to Davide, Luca, Eric, Paolo and Marco for the amazing tech service youive put together at the convention and during our Friday morning tours.
Thanks to Fabrizio Tronchet and Angela for taking photos for 3 days in a row doing a great job of covering up signs of sleepless nights of fun for us party girls!
Thank you to Federico Solari and his assistant Diana for helping us coordinating all the tech staff, you were precious!
The biggest thanks to Luca Musilli and all the security staff of Option One because you guys were totally flawless! You always made our job easier and smoother which says all by itself. You are the best we could have asked for!
Thanks to all the Hilton Rome Airport staff who has tried to help as much as possible whenever we run to them asking for this or that, it's truly appreciated!
Thank you to Mr. Di Pietro and Europe Driver Service for another well done job, for the kindness and the patience.
A hug and a thank you to Angela for taking us around Castel Sant’Angelo and helping us with all the questions we had on various possible locations for the Roman Holiday tour.
Thanks to the Grand Hotel Plaza for welcoming all our La Dolce Vita participants with such a nice breakfast.
And an enormous thank you to Mr. Aruta for being the best shop manager ever, to Simonetta for helping us with the shopping pick up, and to Mrs. Visconti for hosting us and opening the doors to the amazing FERRAGAMO Boutique in Via Dei Condotti. You offered us not only great Italian fashion but exceptional friendliness.
A special thanks to Jailbreak guys for having Jason and us there last Tuesday it was a really fun!


And now that we have said all these thanks we can say that yes there will be a 3rd JIB CON. It's been debated for long and not everyone here is totally happy with this decision, but in the end and despite all the hard work required we can't bear the thought of disappointing so many of you that embarked in this journey with us since last year.
So if you choose to be with us once more the appointment is for next year, same place and almost surely same month.
We'll give you more details in the next 2-3 weeks.

Love and hughsi

Jared & Jensen at JibCon 2011 Mark, Richard, Rob, Sebastian, Misha and Chad at JibCon 2011


Charity project for JIB Con 2

Hello guys,
We want to tell you that we have decided to switch original charity project for JIB CON 2 over to JAPANESE RED CROSS.
We have been planning for another fundraising altogether, but in front of the tragedy and the suffering that people living there are facing we deem this change necessary.
We feel deeply for this beautiful country which is so stricken by fate at this moment, we have a lot of supporters coming to JIB CON 2 form there, and over half of the staff working for the convention considers Tokyo a second home, so the wish to help is strong.
Living so far away does not give us many options besides trying to raise money for those who have lost everything and this is what we will do at the convention and we hope you will feel generous.
In the meanwhile if you do not want to wait to make the difference you can send your donations to Japanese Red Cross directly online through this link.

Japanese Red Cross Society

Japan is a great country, with formidable tradition and culture. People there never show off their pain, their loss and they go about things with reservedness, strength and dignity even when it is a dreadful task. As difficult as the situation is, there is an indomitable spirit that never yield permeating everything and making Japan unique. So let’s show people there that we recognize their efforts and there is hope to rely on yet.

JIB Staff


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