JIBWEEK 2018 ~ May 9th-13th

Information about deadlines for #JIB9 & #JIBLAND3 participants

Hi everyone,
here we are to give you of some important deadlines for JIB9 and JIBLAND3 so you can make your plans accordingly.

Deadline for handing over procedure for JIBWEEK: March 9th 2018
Deadline for any booking for JIBWEEK: March 16th 2018
Deadline to request a copy of missing receipts for JIBWEEK: March 23rd 2018

1) Deadline for booking is intended for everything invitation passes, extras and photo files.

2) Please check to have all your email receipts because YOU MUST PRINT THEM AND BRING THEM WITH YOU FOR REGISTRATION PROCESS. If you don't have all of them you need to write to us at least 3 days before the deadline in order to let us solve the problem.
Please pay attention to this and be aware that after the deadline we will not send copies of the receipts anymore, so if you don't have them we will not be able to help you after that date!

3) WE WISH TO REMIND YOU THAT ALL REQUESTS TO HAND OVER YOUR PASS OR EXTRAS MUST BE FINALIZED BEFORE DEADLINE MENTIONED ABOVE. This means that before DEADLINE you need to have already requested the name change following the rules (rules for JIBWeek handing over), and that you have already received our approval for the change of name at least 48hours before the deadline.
Any request to confirm a name change arriving at the last second could remain unanswered until after the deadline (we always need at least 24-48 hours to be able to reply) and that would mean that no change would be approved, so please take this into account if you want to proceed like this and don't wait the last moment to send your request. We won't be responsible for any missed chance if you request a change at the last moment.
We remind everyone that after the deadline we will not approve or authorize any more changes for any possible reason and there will be no exceptions. So please refrain from writing about this because we won't reply at any email pertaining this matter.

JIB Staff



Last Updated on Friday, 02 March 2018 19:07


Yes, you've got it right, we have a great surprise for all of you attending JIB Week: a very special guest that many of you hoped to meet again this May.

His schedule is crazy busy and it took this long to find a way for him to come back, but he is one of the nicest guys out there and he is willing to spend his limited free time flying over to Roma just to make you happy! And for this we can only say thank you and do our best to show him how welcome he is.

Have you guessed yet about whom we're talking? We're pretty sure the answer is yes, so without further delay we can say all together THANK YOU to


Sam Heughan


The very first JIB Week special guest!

As explained Sam is extremely busy filming and he is really going the extra mile to be able to come over for part of the weekend in between working days, so he is attending the convention on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but don't worry anyone with a JIB Week pass (Green, Hunter, Violet, Sinner, Red, Demon, Angel or Prophet) can meet him. HERE you can find all details you need to know.


JIB Staff



#JIB9 e #JIBLAND3 special activities & parties


Brett Dalton is the eight guest of #JIBLAND3!

Hello everyone!

Ready for another guest? Because we have one new guy that's going to fit perfectly among the other JIBLAND Boys!
We're very happy he has accepted to come over and we're sure you're going to help us make him feel welcome at JIBLAND3.

Join us in welcoming



Brett Dalton


We cannot wait to meet you Brett!

JIB Staff


P.S. info about Brett extras can be found here.



David Giuntoli back to Rome for #JIBLAND3!

Hello everyone!
Here we are with another announcement that we're sure is going to make you very happy. One of our beloved JIBLAND Boys is coming back!
You've fallen in love with him this past May and we're so glad he can make it over to Roma once more.

Let's say all together welcome back



David Giuntoli


Thank you David for accepting to join JIBLAND3!

JIB Staff


P.S. about his extras here.



David Haydn Jones is the new guest of #JIB9

Hello Everyone,
here we are with one last special guest for JIB9.
You've met him this past May and he has charmed you, so we are sure you're going to be very happy that he is joining us again!

Let's say welcome back



David Haydn Jones


Thank you David for coming to Roma once more.

JIB Staff




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