JIBWEEK 2018 ~ May 9th-13th

The #JIBLANDBOYS are back for #jibland2!

Hello everyone!
We promised we would be back with some more guests soon and here we are.

You've been asking for your JIBLAND BOYS all these months, and there's nothing that makes us happier than being able to bring you the guests you love.
There's nothing better than knowing they've enjoyed spending time with you as much as you did too, and are ready to come back once more.
And of course, including new people into the family is making the experience even nicer, doesn't it?

So please join us in welcoming REEVE CARNEY, SAM HEUGHAN, SASHA ROIZ and STEVEN CREE to JIBLAND2!


We're proud and thrilled they'll be there with us next May and we're sure you are too!

JIB staff



Extras, Prophet passes & special activities

Hello everyone!
To make things easier for you so you can plan ahead here is the booking calendar for next activities that will be available.

Auctions for 15 PROPHET PASS WILL START ON MONDAY OCTOBER 17th and you will be able to bid on them through a special section on our website that will be available 1-2 days before the starting time.
For all details click here.

You will be able to request passes for MEET&GREET FROM SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5th 2.00PM ROME TIME
For all details click here.

You will be able to request TRIO PHOTO OP FROM SATURDAY DECEMBER 3rd 2.00PM ROME TIME
For all details click here.

You will be able to request photo ops e autographs for other announced guests FROM SATURDAY DECEMBER 3rd 4.00PM ROME TIME.
For all details click here.

Passes for those special activities will be available on January.
We will provide you all necessary details in the next months.

JIB Staff






Do you recognize them? We're sure you do and you are already happy because they will be with us again next May!

Some will stay only for JIB8 and some will be with us the whole JIB Week!
We wanted to announce even more guests together but it seems like we still need a bit of time for some of them so please enjoy today's names but wait for more as soon as possible!

JIB staff



Fundraising Campaign for Italy Earthquake Appeal

Years ago, when Jus In Bello Association was born, we never expected expect for it to receive such consideration and support from people living in so many different foreign countries. People who have decided to gather in Italy year after year. Nonetheless it happened and without these people JIB wouldn't exist at all.

In these last few days these the same people have done even more. Like it happened in 2009, they have chosen to help Italy through this hard and painful moment of it's history. This is something that moves us deeply and it fills our hearts with a huge sense of gratitude, because showing care in such moments is worth more than a thousand words.

What we can do is try to give visibility to this act and promote it. We also hope that Italian fans of Supernatural and TV shows in general, as well as all our countrymen who are suffering for this earthquake, can feel a little more loved and a little less alone knowing about this. People who came to know our country just because of their passion as fans of a tv show actually care deeply about us and Italy.


We can accomplish so much with JIB only thanks to the support of people from many different countries and same thing can happen now, fighting destruction caused by this earthquake standing togehter.

Links: foundraising  fb

Thank you
JIB Staff


Bookings of double photo ops for #JIB8

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Hi everyone!
August is coming so here we are with details on much awaited double photo ops for JIB8.

Booking will start on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd AT 2.00PM ROME TIME ZONE.

full contribution: 205€ to be sent within 3 days.
installments: 60€ to be sent within 3 days and 150€ to be sent before Wednesday October 5thth.

full contribution: 185€ to be sent within 3 days.
installments: 60€ to be sent within 3 days and 130€ to be sent before Wednesday October 5th.

full contribution: 185€ to be sent within 3 days.
installments: 60€ to be sent within 3 days and 130€ to be sent before Wednesday October 5th.

For the 1st day you can request photo ops and autographs by email only. If still available, from Monday September 5th you will be able to send your request through the website.

Please remember that we are not going to accept requests sent before the booking opening hour (2.00pm) so pay attention to the time. (Usual clock we be available on the website at booking day)
Please remember that you can send your request only once and you cannot send multiple emails for the same booking, or you will be assigned all extras you've requested and you will have to complete the booking for them all.
Please remember to specify all requested data and to check that you've written everything we need or that you want to say before sending your request. Please do not send us emails to add things or change your requests and especially don't do that sending messages to casual various email addresses, please use  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  only!

HOW TO BOOK DOUBLE PHOTO OPS (from SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD at 2.00pm rome time zone):

You can send your request by email: to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  specifying:
- Surname and Name
- Email
- Complete address (street, postal code, city, country)
- Type of pass you have for JIB8
- Chosen photo ops and how many of them (i.e. 2 photo op with Jensen&Jared, 1 photo op with Jared&Misha etc...)
- Specify preferred method to send your contribution (wire transfer and with LIMITED availability moneybookers, if you would like other methods please ask about them before booking but we cannot promise we will be able to accept them)
- Specify if you want the installment option (otherwise we will mark your request for full contribution)

If you want to book photos also for your friends and you want to request more than one photo op you can do so sending 1 EMAIL ONLY FOR A MAXIMUN NUMBER OF 5 PEOPLE (you + 4 friends who have a pass) to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  specifying data requested above for each participant.
Even if you book together you can send your contributions separately and with different methods, just let us know about your choice in the same email of your booking.

Within 24 hours we will contact you to let you know we have received your request (this is not a booking confirmation). Then within 7 days we will send you another email to confirm you have been assigned the photo ops you have requested and all necessary details to send your contributions.
From the moment we send you the second email to confirm everything you will have 3 working days to send your contribution (the 3 days don't start the moment you send the request but the moment we confirm it).

Please remember that we cannot grant 1 photo op for all of you, the number of photo ops is limited and if you don't get one it means only that someone else has been quicker and luckier than you.

Thank you!

JIB Staff



Last Updated on Monday, 22 August 2016 21:18

Hilton hotel, information on rates and bookings

Hello everybody,
HILTON ROME AIRPORT HOTEL will be the convention venue next year again and as usual attendees can book rooms with special rates for the dates from May 15th to May 24th 2017 .
Breakfast is included in room rates, and differently from what happend prevoius years, breakfast won't be in Giardino dei Consoli anymore, it will be held regularly at Le Colonne restaurant.
Bookings are still closed and will open Wedneaday July 20th at 9.30 am Rome time zone (please don't send your requests before that moment).

You'll be able to book a room through special links created by Hilton that we'll make available on Wednesday July 20th.
At booking time your credit card will be charged for 1 night staying, but you'll be able to cancel your room reservation without paying any fee and getting back your deposit until May 11th 2017.
As usual we remind you that booking a room at the Hilton Hotel is not mandatory, but it is easier though since convention night activities may end late in the night and you may find useful to stay at the convention hotel.

Please remember:
- DON'T try to book a room by email or by phone before Wednesday July 20th at 9.30 am (Rome time zone)
- to book a room you need a credit card. If you don't have one you can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it asking if you can send a bank transfer but please do so only if there's absolutely no way for you to use a credit card.
- you can contact Hilton sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you'll receive a reply in 7 working days (so please wait a few days and don't send the email again to urge an answer). Don't phone to the Hilton since staff dedicated to convention bookings provides assistance only through email.

You can find detailed information about how to book a room here:



JIB staff



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Amici Senza Confine onlus

Affiliates & friend sites

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Pick your other favorite guests!
Scegliete gli altri vostri ospiti preferiti!

Hilton hotel
Hilton Rome Airport Hotel is the convention venue.
Info about rates and bookings
Airport Shuttle

Looking for room mates?
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JIB calendar


July 26th
deadline second PASS installment
August 2nd
opening of HILTON Hotel bookings
August 30th
deadline third PASS installment
September 27th
deadline forth Angel PASS installment


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Jim Beaver's book
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