JIBWEEK 2018 ~ May 9th-13th

Great news! MISHA, RICHARD, ROB & MATT will be back for #JIB9!

Hello Everyone!
Ready for some great news? Because we have four of them to share!

JIB truly wouldn't be the same without them and we are very happy that they're coming for JIB9 next May, so without further delay let us greet these fabulous guys:





Thank you for joining us once more and your JIB Family can't wait to spend more time with you!
Oh and Richard is going to stay the whole JIBWeek not only as a guest but as our second Master of Ceremony!

JIB staff


Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 June 2017 17:29

Information about #JIBWEEK 2018 & GUESTS ANNOUNCEMENT!

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We know you were anxious to get news about next year and we’re sorry to have kept you waiting so far, but we wanted to have something good to tell you and we needed to know the best time for our guests to come back.
So now here are official dates for JIBLAND3 andJIB9 plus some confirmations that we know you are going love.


JIBWEEK is going to start with JIBLAND3 on May 9th and move to JIB9 from May 11th to may 13th, and end with our usual Monday concert on the 14th.


This said and done let us express a heartfelt thank you and a huge welcome back to these amazing guys:




Thank you for choosing to make JIB your home for the 9th time in a row, we're honored to have you with us.

And let's welcome back the greatest Master of Ceremonies anyone could hope to have:


Jason manns live

Thank you for joining us again for the whole JIBWEEK both as guest and MC!

Your JIB Family loves you guys!

Stay tuned everyone because more news and guests will be coming in the next weeks.

JIB Staff



Photos: jibstaff, Luigi Orru, Andrea Ciucci


Last Updated on Sunday, 11 June 2017 15:38

THANK YOU! #jibweek #jib8 #jibland2

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To all our beloved supporters, THANK YOU!
We wish to thank you all for spending your precious time with us, for the wonderful energy you've brought to Roma, for your laughter and your lovely brand of craziness.
We've been asked more than once why we do JIBWeek and the answer is YOU, we do this for you and thanks to you. We do JIB to build something positive in a reality that is so often unforgiving, and we always hope that by spending one week sharing positive emotions, building bridges among people coming from so many different places can leave a mark of happiness at least in some of you.
And if by doing JIB we've managed that, and even one person is more content, feels stronger and less alone today, we've accomplished a great deal more than some fleeting fun and you all are part of that!
So don't let anyone shame you for what you love and always try to create something for yourself and others around you that reflects the best part of your heart.
Chose to BE HAPPY, and be proud of what makes you happy, because it's your right!
And thank you for reminding us that for one loud person that wish to spread malcontent and negativity there are hundreds of you that love sharing joy and love and do so silently all year long.
Thank you for your understanding and support, JIB and JIBLAND are for you and it's thank to you that we're still doing this.

See you next year!

Much love
JIB Staff

PS NEWS about JIBALND3 and JIB9 coming soon!



Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 18:51

Fundraising Campaign for Italy Earthquake Appeal

Years ago, when Jus In Bello Association was born, we never expected expect for it to receive such consideration and support from people living in so many different foreign countries. People who have decided to gather in Italy year after year. Nonetheless it happened and without these people JIB wouldn't exist at all.

In these last few days these the same people have done even more. Like it happened in 2009, they have chosen to help Italy through this hard and painful moment of it's history. This is something that moves us deeply and it fills our hearts with a huge sense of gratitude, because showing care in such moments is worth more than a thousand words.

What we can do is try to give visibility to this act and promote it. We also hope that Italian fans of Supernatural and TV shows in general, as well as all our countrymen who are suffering for this earthquake, can feel a little more loved and a little less alone knowing about this. People who came to know our country just because of their passion as fans of a tv show actually care deeply about us and Italy.


We can accomplish so much with JIB only thanks to the support of people from many different countries and same thing can happen now, fighting destruction caused by this earthquake standing togehter.

Links: foundraising  fb

Thank you
JIB Staff


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